#NaatiNews Myrtle Rust Hui – Te Araroa 2/11/2018

A hui to develop a long-term management plan for Myrtle Rust was held at Hinerupe Marae on Friday 2 November.

The main aim of the hui was to connect the groups involved in the research to the Matakaoa community, and to develop a shared action plan for research, monitoring and educational resources to manage the impact of Myrtle Rust on our ngahere.

The hui was attended by local whanau, land owners as well is Iwi representation from Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou CE Herewini Te Koha and Tronpnui board member Rei Kohere.

Myrtle Rust was 1st found in our region in April at two areas, Lottin Point and the Karakatuwhero valley near Te Araroa.

Scientists who attended the hui were taken to view Te Waha o Rerekohu, New Zealand’s largest and oldest pohutukawa tree as locals who attended the hui were concerned about the impact myrtle rust could have on the local icon. The scientiists informed those at the hui that research and monitoring is underway and they will meet with the community in June to report back.

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