Local Legend Takes on Marathon Challenge to Save Kiwi Hearts

For the past two decades, Mijos and its dedicated owner Jon Moke have been steadfast supporters of Ruatorea, but now, they’re taking their support to the next level. With a heart as big as the coast they call home, this local legend is gearing up to tackle his 18th Rotorua Marathon on May 4th, 2024. But that’s not all. In a true display of resilience and determination, he’s embarking on an even greater challenge: three marathons in the month of May, alongside his regular daily kilometres of hiking, walking, and running along the coast roads. Why the extra miles? It’s all for a cause close to his heart—literally. With every step, he’s raising funds for heart research, aiming to make a difference in the fight against heart disease, the leading cause of death in New Zealand.

Heart disease doesn’t discriminate, affecting thousands of Kiwis every day. But with your support, this local hero believes we can turn the tide. By making a donation to his MyMarathon challenge, you’re not just supporting his incredible feat, you’re helping to save Kiwi hearts. Let’s join forces and help him reach his goal and show our support for this extraordinary individual as he goes the distance for a cause that touches us all.  He has a fundraising page where you can donate to his cause on the Heart Foundation’s MyMarathon – Jon Moke website.

By Te Ataakura Tanirau-Wickliffe.