Jason Collier IV NTOTW 17 11 2021

Get vaccinated.  That’s the message from 45year old Jason Collier from Rangitukia who contracted Covid 19 Delta in October.  He spent the first three days in MIQ before collapsing and then being put in an induced coma and on a respirator for a month.  Jason had had his first vaccine two weeks before he tested positive which doctors said saved his life.  His heart stopped beating and he had to have a pacemaker put in.  A healthy strapping man, he lost 36kgs and all his muscle tone.  He suffers memory loss, night terrors, suffers breathlessness and has to relearn how to talk and write again. The road to full recovery will be a long one so he’s urging everyone to get vaccinated. (picture sourced from Gisborne Herald)