Ruatoria Aerodrome celebrates 60 years

The Ruatoria Aeroclub was established by  Ruatoria locals with a passion for aviation. The late Theo Meredith an original member of the Aeroclub dragged their clubhouse with a tractor across the Waiapu river to its current location on Thatcher Road. The road was named after the late Neil Thatcher another significant member of the Aeroclub. Neil provided the space to establish the Aerodrome.  Des Williams purchased the Aerodrome from Neil Thatcher in the late 80’s and set up Te Paparererangi Trust, which he bequeathed to Dan Russell. Dan Russell of Puketiti Station and Mahanga Maru of Air Ruatoria are trustees of Te Paparererangi Trust who have been working on developments for the Aerodrome and a 60th celebration of the Ruatoria Aeroclub. Listen to interviews about the history of the Ruatoria Aerodrome as well as other interviews about aviation.