Greetings from Tairawhiti Softball Association


Tairawhiti Softball is looking ahead to the next softball season starting in October 2020.  With the impact of Covid-19 and its on-going and related challenges, we are still planning ahead in expectation of a full season of softball for our region. We propose to run a competition for schools starting in TERM 4 after Labour Weekend, from Saturday 31st October running through to Saturday the 5th December (6 weeks).


Therefore, this message is to gauge the interest in your school to participate in our schools competition.


Games will be organized in the following grades: (Minimum of 8/9 players per team)


Year 1-2

Pipi Sox

Primary Tee-Ball

Tee-Ball Rules

Girls and Boys Mixed

Year 3-4

Young Sox

Primary Tee-Ball

Tee-Ball Riles

Girls and Boys Mixed

Year 5-6

Rookie Sox

Primary Softball

Full softball rules

Girls and Boys Mixed

Year 7-8

Emerging Sox

Intermediate Softball

Full softball rules

Mixed or Single Gender

Year 9-10

Junior Sox

High-School Softball

Full softball rules

Proposed at this stage depending on number of teams


If you are interested, reply to this email and let me know which grade you wish to play in and how many teams you want to enter. Teams can be composed of girls and boys. Composite teams with other schools will also be allowed.


Also: playing days – We currently play just on Saturday but you might have thoughts about alternative playing day(s).


We will be reducing the entry fee and charging a flat rate of $40 per team for all grades.


Re Senior High School: If you a interested in fielding a senior high school team Year11-13, let me know.  If we have numbers we might look at organizing something.


Looking forward to your response.


Walton Walker

President Tairawhiti Softball Association