Thank You to the Essential Workers from the Waipiro Bay Community

We the whanau and hapu of Waipiro and Te Puia would like to express our
sincere acknowledgement and aroha to the essential workers, health
professionals, police, carers of our children, government officials,
Hauora, TRONPnui, Civil defense, Kiwi Harvest and all our whanau who have
risked their lives working tirelessly during the Covid-19 pandemic to keep us
safe by controlling road entry into our rohe, those delivering food, firewood,
medication and shopping for our vulnerable whanau and pakeke, serving our
people with the utmost seriousness and respect, your courage, your humour
and loving kindness have united us amongst the odds of the unknown virus
that has managed to bring the world to a sudden halt, claiming lives globally at
such an aggressive speed would force the living to grab at straws taking
desperate measures to find ways to combat the unknown, a new normal had
found us in crisis mode, isolated in our bubbles, washing hands, social
distancing, no hugs, hongi or marae life, farewelling loved ones was suddenly
compromised by overstepping tradition and culture to accommodate the
tragedy we are faced with, our aroha go out to our loved ones who have
passed away, haere, haere, haere ki te torona o Ihoa o nga mano, Mangai ae.
Everyone in Aotearoa and at home here we appreciate you, Ihoa bless us all.
Nga mihi mahana me te arohanui kia kotou katoa.
Na te whanau and hapu o Waipiro and Te Puia.