Maunga: Hikurangi me Puhanga Tohora
Awa: Waiapu me Punakitere
Hapu: Te Whänau a Hinetäpora me Ngäti Ueoneone
Waka: Horouta me Ngätokimatawhaorua
Iwi: Ngäti Uepohatu/ Ngäti Porou me Ngä Puhi Nui Tonu

For the past 10 months Riria Dalton Reedy has hosted our popular Rangatahi program DRIVE.  She is in her final year at Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Te Waiu o Ngati Porou and is passionate about Te Reo Ake o Ngati Porou.

One of her goals is to learn as much as she can about the Media Industry.  Older sister Tawhiri Dalton Reedy was a former DRIVE announcer and so Riria grew up listening to DRIVE as well as Aunty Daz and Uncle Kahu on the Brekkie Show. 

Having the Reo means Riria can produce her show as a bi-lingual program.  She is always trying to produce content that Rangatahi want to listen to as well as delivering her program in an interesting way.

Favorite Sport:  Netball and swimming

Favorite Music:  Hip hop and RnB

Favorite Pastime:  Instagram, Netflix, riding horses, exercise and travel

If she could marry someone famous who would it be?:  Elvis Presley or Draco Malfoy

If she had superpowers what would they be:  The ability to fly, invisibility and teleportation

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